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Artist Statement
For me, painting requires my head, hand and heart. Unusual compositions that involve my head, shapes & techniques which require my hand and color that touches my heart. My paintings depict shallow space, unusual shapes and inventive use of color. My art heroes are Hockney, O’Keeffe, Van Gogh and, of course, Matisse. My work relies on color, form and pattern in that order.

I suppose I am best described as an expressive colorist. I work in oil, acrylic and mixed media using collage elements, beeswax, dry pigments, graphite, and pastels. In addition to the usual brushes, I employ scrapers, brayers, and many other mark-making tools. My process involves multiple layers and responding to what appears on each surface as the painting evolves. My aim is to evoke the sense of joy I experience as I create paintings in the viewer as well.
Artist Bio
Annie O’Brien Gonzales is originally from Oklahoma and earned a B.S. & M.S. (1977) from the University of Oklahoma. She earned a Ph.D. in Higher Education and also majored in painting and art history in a BFA program. She taught at several universities before becoming a full-time professional artist 14 years ago.

She paints in her studio on Canyon Road in Santa Fe NM and is represented by galleries in Santa Fe NM and across the country. She has authored two books and numerous articles on painting and teaches painting workshops in her studio and across the US and Canada. She recently developed her first online expressive painting class.

Contact the artist at anniego@mac.com 

See her work at www.annieobriengonzales.com and www.globefineart.com