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Artist Statement
Painting reveals those moments of infinite possibility, by choosing the path of the unknown. Visual poetry and asemic (language without semantic content) writing are seeing without looking, writing by not reading, and moving with intuitive intent. Asemic language negotiates neural pathways of a language I do not know, allowing thought to be lost in order to find that place in the brain where language has its origin. I have only recently found a place in my oil and cold wax paintings and encaustic monotypes on paper for asemic language. Not knowing the outcome is the magic.
Artist Bio
Jeanette is a contemporary abstract artist who lives and works in Albuquerque, New Mexico. She has a BFA degree in Dance from the University of New Mexico. She moved to NYC in her 20’s and was influenced by the minimalist movement, improvisation, the power of the human form, and the expansiveness of the NYC public library. Considering life as performance art and without regret she took a hiatus to support and raise her children. She is a Registered Nurse and has a Masters degree in Midwifery, and with the same intensity of bringing a new life into the world, she brings intuitive thought into her paintings. Her oil paintings and works on paper translate into visual poetry.

Jeanette’s work has been exhibited in Albuquerque NM, at the NM Art League, the Harwood Art Center, New Grounds Art Gallery, Masterworks of NM, Ghostwolf Art Gallery, 606 Art Gallery, and the Yucca Art Gallery. She has also shown at the Susquehanna Art Museum in Pennsylvania, and in Mexico at Centro Cultural Casa Baltazar. She exhibits on line as part of the Women Asemic Writers,,, and


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