Black and White Tote       Bakelite Tote            Charmed

Artist Statement
I learned to sew through a Santa Fe County Extension Program one summer when I was eleven years old. To this day I love to make garments that fit. I learned that if you know how to sew, you will never go hungry. Sewing is a dying art, along with so many other trades. I love to teach others to sew and I take great pride in being an accomplished seamstress. Our current environment is returning to a more basic and fundamental culture of the simple things of the past. Our culture is beginning, once again, to value the skills of the past.            
Artist Bio
From the age of eleven, I have loved to sew. Touching the fabric, feeling its weight, the texture, the drape, this has always fascinated me. I have had a home based alteration business since 2003 and was inspired to pursue a Federal Trademark for “Greengototes”. Due to the generosity and kindness of strangers, I found myself being given textiles of all sorts. Therefore, I began making totes bags and selling them to my clients and by word-of-mouth.

I believe that all garments can be refurbished and re-used as a tote bag. I maintain the website and maintain the Federal Trademark since 2010. My goal is to eventually sell “Greengototes” through my website and dedicate more time to creating beautiful totes from my stash of treasured fabrics. 

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