Artist Registry FAQs
What are the artist eligibility requirements?
In order to join the registry, artists must be women who are part-time or full-time residents of New Mexico. New Mexico women artists of all disciplines, all generations, and at all career levels, from student to professional, are welcome.

I’m not an artist; can I still use the registry?
Yes, you may browse the registry to find and learn more about a specific artist or to acquaint yourself with new favorites. Many individuals and organizations, including arts organizations, arts presenters, curators, designers, artists, architects, developers, community groups, and businesses, may find it helpful to browse our registry when looking for women artists they may not be familiar with. There is no cost to browse the registry. Please review our Terms of Use  before browsing the registry.

How can I contact an artist that I’ve found on the registry?
You may contact the artist directly using the contact information that they have provided on their profile. 

Is there a fee to join the registry?
Yes. Annual fees are based on an artist’s career level when she joins the registry: student, emerging, or professional. As an artist’s career develops, the fee she will pay each time she renews her registration will change over time. We use the honor system, so each artist will select the appropriate fee based on her career level at the time she initially registers or renews her registration. Please review our Terms of Use before registering.

Artists will need to register annually to maintain an active profile.  Artists who do not annually renew their registration will have their profile removed from the directory.

What do the Career Level categories mean?
Career Level categories – student, emerging, professional -- are self-identified, so use your own judgment. Generally speaking,
  • “student” is someone attending school;
  • “emerging” is someone who is out of school and just starting her career, regardless of age;
  • “professional” is someone who has been working for a while and has sold her work for a period of time.
Since the career level categories correlate to the fee an artist pays when registering, we use the honor system and let each artist self-identify into the career level category that fits when she registers or renews her registration. 

Can an artist be listed as an individual as well as part of a group or collaborative?
As part of your individual artist profile you may indicate that you are also a member of an artist’s group or collaborative. At this time, only individual artists may register; we do not register artist groups or collaboratives.

What if I am a literary artist or musician and do not have any images?
All members of the registry must upload at least one image of their work.  We suggest literary artists, musicians, or other non-visual artists include visual representations of their work, such as the cover of their book, an author photo, or a photo of a performance.

Are profile applications reviewed?
All applications to the registry go live on the website immediately upon completion of the application.  Following the application process, a member of the NM Women in the Arts Board of Directors will review your application to determine that all information was included, that the support materials are consistent with the descriptions provided, and to ensure that the submissions are compatible with the purpose of the registry. If we have a question about your application, we’ll contact you via email.

What if I want to post images of my new work?
You can update your profile at any time by removing old images and posting new images of your work.

Any tips on how to create a great profile?
Here are a few ideas on how to make sure your profile does justice to you and your work!