become a participating artist

One of the many benefits available to artists who are registered in our New Mexico Women in the Arts Artist Registry is being eligible to sell their work in our online store, The Art of Giving Art.

Who can sell art in The Art of Giving Art store?
Artists who are members of our Artist Registry can sell their work in our Art of Giving Art store. To join our Artist Registry, go here

What are the benefits of selling my work in your store?
  • You get additional exposure by having your art sold on our website
  • You can write off a donation for each product you sell through the program
  • Your price split is the same as it would be with a gallery that represents you
  • Your customers can feel great about supporting New Mexico Women in the Arts through their purchases of your work from our store
  • You can feel great about supporting your fellow New Mexico women artists!
How does the store work?
We partner with a firm called Mad Marketeer, who runs the store on our behalf. Mad Marketeer hosts online stores for non-profit organizations as another way for non-profits to raise funds for their work.

Mad Marketeer posts information about each item for sale (including the price you set), collects funds from each purchaser, and distributes the funds as follows:
  • 50% to you, the artist 
  • 30% to New Mexico Women in the Arts
  • 20% to Mad Marketeer for administrative and technology costs  
Ready to get started?
There are two forms you need to complete first -- one time only for each form.

Art of Giving Art Participant Registration Agreement
This form describes the artist's responsibilities regarding submittal and fulfillment as well as Mad Marketeer's responsibilities regarding posting products for sale and collecting and distributing funds. 

Art of Giving Art Artist Information Form
This form is where you provide information about yourself as the artist. You can use the bio, artist statement and image you provided for our Artist Registry. 

For each product you submit to sell on our website, you'll need to complete this product submittal form.
Please allow two weeks for each product you submit to appear in the store.

Art of Giving Art Product Submittal Form


Email us at and we'll get back to you with answers.