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Architecture is behind in equality but these women are breaking through the glass ceiling TaraVicars 0
An interview with feminist art historian Linda Nochlin TaraVicars 0
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Female Artists Making a Statement in Land Art TaraVicars 0
An announcement of a painting for auction raises the topic of equality TaraVicars 0
Questioning shows featuring only women artists TaraVicars 0
Gender disparity issues in photography TaraVicars 0
Anna Hyatt Huntington created the first sculpture of a woman in NYC TaraVicars 0
A different kind of art sale is accepting submissions TaraVicars 0
New documentary follows the life and work of Yayoi Kusama TaraVicars 0
Fighting xenophobia and other issues TaraVicars 0
How Yentl was made and how it applies today TaraVicars 0
Millions donated anonymously now given an identity TaraVicars 0
Central Park unveils design for new statue TaraVicars 0
Abuse comes in all forms TaraVicars 0
National Gallery acquires work by female artist TaraVicars 0