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Images that mean more today than they did when created
Sixteen years ago, Nika Nesgoda took a series of photographs in which she staged religious scenes from old paintings and cast porn stars in the role of the Virgin Mary. One of her images featured Stormy Daniels, who has been in the news in recent months. Because of this, and because of the >>> of her work at this point in time, her images are now on display. 

About the reasons for this series, the artist said, "like the Virgin Mary, porn stars are icons. They are a cultural force, but they are rarely thought of as real people. They aren't expected to have personality or humanity. If we look at them, we don't really see them." 

Read more about Nesgoda's series and how it's applicable to everything happening in America today. Find the article here.

This Artist Took a Photo of Stormy Daniels as the Virgin Mary. Now the 16-Year-Old Work is Having a Renaissance.
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