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New documentary follows the life and work of Yayoi Kusama
Yayoi Kusama is one of the best known artists of our time. People stand in line for hours to view her Infinity series. But she has led a a graphic represents Kusama with red hair and a red polka dot backgrounddifficult and complicated life. 

Beginning with an unhappy childhood in Japan, moving to overt sexism in America, and battles with mental health, she has overcome so much to create her art. 

A new documentary looks at her life, her struggles and her success. Heather Lenz, the documentary filmmaker who decided to tackle Kusama's story, did so as a fan of Kusama's. And she ran into some of the same sex and race barriers that hindered Kusama's progress. 

Read more about the Yayoi Kusama and the documentary that Heather Lenz has created in this article. When you've had a chance to enjoy the article, jump over to our Facebook Group to share your thoughts. Is Yayoi Kusama an artist you learned about in school? Have you faced similar barriers in your work? 

'Kusama: Infinity' reveals the story behind one of the most popular artists in the world
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