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Censorship on social media
The word "censored" in red lettersClarity Haynes writes, in this article,  about her experiences having her art, and articles featuring her art, censored on social media platforms. She paints torsos of women, trans and gender non-conforming people and her work has been censored multiple times. Most recently, a review of a solo exhibit that featured an image of her work was deleted from Facebook and she was blocked for three days as punishment for publishing "offensive" material. 

Have you had experiences with censorship on any social media platform? Jump over to our Facebook Group and join the conversation on the topic.  

I'm a Queer, Feminist Artist. Why Are My Paintings Censored on Social Media?
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Judy Blume continues to influence
Judy Blume stands looking through the crook of a treeJudy Blume is well known for her young adult fiction that takes girls through some of the difficult stages of growing up. Published in the 70s, her books discuss puberty, racism, sex, and family issues at a time that many of these subjects were taboo or at least, certainly not spoken about in literature in the level of detail found in Blume's writing.

"Today, Judy Blume’s books still influence young women—a testament both to their timelessness and the rarity of honest stories about young women’s changing bodies."

Read the full article on Judy Blume's positive influence on young women in this article.  

Judy Blume Taught a Generation of Young Girls to be Feminists
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The Atlas of Beauty celebrates the beauty of women around the world
If you haven’t been following Mihaela Noroc on Instagram or Facebook, you’ve been missing out on her beautiful photographs of women from around the world.  

or the last 4 years, Noroc has been traveling the world to experience beauty and capture it through photography.  

Her work has been recently published in a 500-page book of photographs. Each picture celebrates women of a multitude of ethnicities, religions and cultures in different settings going about their daily lives.  

Learn more about Noroc's work and view some of her photos from 'The Atlas of Beauty' in this article or look her up on Instagram and Facebook. 

'The Atlas of Beauty': Portraits of Women Around the World

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Taking a chance and creating a book
This fun comic discusses how one artist started her journey creating comics for online publication and how it led to a book being published. She shares her fears and the process that she used to get a book published after numerous years of creating comics. She also shares how it felt to complete the project and have it in print. See the comic here.

How do you feel when you finish a project? Hop over to our Facebook Group and share your thoughts. 

How a Book Was Born
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Sign painting given its due
A handpainted sign on the beach says Please leave nothing but your footprintsSign painting has been an overlooked art form for many years. Fighting back against the standard, sign painters began exhibiting recently. 

This article highlights the first-ever show of women sign painters showcasing work from over 60 artists from 9 countries around the world. Much of the art asserts women’s rights and female power. Some address political issues, while others simply celebrate specific products. 

Read more about the exhibition and see some of the signs on display in this article.

This Way to the First-Ever Show of Women Sign Painters

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Women on the rise in Hollywood
Until recently, if aliens decided to learn about the human race by watching what is put out by Hollywood, they would have a very skewed idea about the role that women play in the world. But there are some shows that are changing that. 

This article highlights some of these shows and some of the female showrunners who are making that change happen.

It also talks about Hollywood's Woolf Pack; a group of women who have made a name for themselves in movies and television who support each other in their work. 

The Rise of the Female Showrunner and Hollywood's Woolf Pack
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How to talk about your art
Speaking about our work should be easy, but many of us find ourselves struggling to come up with the words to best describe our art. Whether we're asked about our work in a social situation or preparing for a more formal talk, we want to impress, sell and show our passion.  

This article outlines six tips to help artists speak about their work. From being prepared and knowing your audience to steering clear of too much description, professionals in various roles in the art world have given advice that will help artists find the words to use when speaking about their own work. 

Do you have other advice on this topic? Jump over to our Facebook group and join the discussion. 

Six Tips For Artists to Talk About Their Work
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Art history has a gaping hole
H.W. Janson’s first edition of History of Art was published in 1962. There was not a single female artist in the nearly 900 page tome. It wasn’t until more than 20 years later that an 80s edition added a few women to its pages.  
Writer Bridget Quinn was unimpressed with the lack of attention given to female artists when she did her undergrad in art history studies and she has set out to highlight some of the women who she believes should have been included in art history books from the very beginning.  
Read this article to learn more about 15 of the women Bridget Quinn discusses in her recently published book.   

These Women Were Missing From Your Art History Books
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Inspiration and a helping hand
Are you an artist who looks to others for inspiration? 

This cartoon illustrates one way that some find inspiration; using social media to follow other artists.

Do you find inspiration in other artists? Do you follow artists on social media? Visit our Facebook Group to add to the discussion on artists inspiring artists.

Artists Inspiring Artists
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Work needed to change equality for gender and race in the arts
This month, to highlight the issues facing women of color in the art world, the National Museum of Women in the Arts set out to outline the problem. 

They looked at the under representation of women in the arts and then wanted to take a step further to break down the numbers surrounding women of color within the arts. There have been very few studies on the issue, as the museum found very quickly. What they did find is disheartening, but it means we need to continue to promote the work of women artists of all races and support each other in any way we can. 

Read the breakdown of the statistics in this article

What the Data Tells Us About the Challenges Facing Female Artists of Color
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Recycled materials to create social justice
“So, I’m trying with my work, to break through the distinctions made by governments and religions — the distinctions made from above — that try to divide us. Because my experience in traveling is the opposite. We have far more in common than we’re conditioned to believe.”

Erin Currier uses art to lift up her heroes and show the world the issues at hand. She blends acrylic paint with recycled materials to draw those she admires for their humanitarian work and aims to bring people together.

Read more about Erin, the 50 countries she’s visited and the people she features in her work in this article

The Art of Justice
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Lessons on being an artist from a well known painter

“Great artists don’t just happen, any more than writers, or singers, or other creators,” wrote Georgia O'Keefe. “They have to be trained, and in the hard school of experience.”

But what lessons did O'Keeffe have to teach us about being an artist? Although she didn't formally put down her opinions on the subject in an article or book, through her correspondence and multitude of interviews, we can learn a lot about the lessons she lived through and might have taught others had the opportunity arose. 

What do you think of the lessons the author of this article gleaned from the life of Georgia O'Keeffe? Visit our Facebook Group to join the discussion. 

How to be an artist, according to Georgia O'Keeffe
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Four must read novels addressing the tech industry
An open book gives off sparks If you’re looking for a book to read this week, this article highlights four that have been released in the past year.

Written by women, each addresses a different area of the tech industry, some with humor and satire, others with deadly seriousness.

The novels look at the differences between the way men and women are treated in life and in this industry and asks readers to consider how life could be different.  
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Books by under 35 honorees
The logo for the National Book's 5 under 35 listIn case you missed it last year, the National Book Association releases a yearly list of 5 writers under 35 who you should watch - and read their work. 

These five women authors were chosen by previous National Book finalists and honorees of the 5 under 35 lists which makes it a great honor to be selected.  

The list includes fiction, novels and short stories. If you're looking for a new author or a book to pick up, have a look at this article

National Book Association's New 5 Under 35 Honorees are Writers to Watch
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Erotic art and gender politics

Last month, Sotheby's auctioned off 89 works of art under the title "Erotic: Passion & Desire". Only three of the 58 artists were women, although a much larger percentage of the subject matter was female based.

Sotheby's described the auction; "Pre-Columbian sculpture will be paired with Picasso works on paper; masters of photography from Man Ray to Mapplethorpe will be set off against 19th-century marbles and antique reliefs; in turn creating juxtapositions that will enliven and deepen collectors' understanding of the subject matter." 

In this article, the author examines the difference between porn and "erotic art" and the influence of gender politics on how this art form is treated.

What do you think of the article and the author's perspective? Head over to our Facebook group to join in the discussion. 

We need to talk about erotic art

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How an FBI investigation helped create the art scene in Taos
In 1944, when artist Beatrice Mandelman and her painter husband Louis Ribak packed up their New York apartment and moved to Taos, many thought they needed a change of scenery. Some thought the dry air would help Mandelman’s lungs. There was no art scene to speak of in Taos although the couple would help to start one soon after moving there. 
Now, government documents show that the couple was being investigated by the FBI for supporting the communist movement. Is this why the couple left New York so quickly and moved to remote Taos? 
Read more about the couple’s quick move, the FBI investigation and the art scene that they helped to create upon arriving in Taos in this article

The Forgotten Female Abstract Expressionist Who Was Tracked by the FBI

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Plastic medical supply waste turned into art
Tilda Shalof, a nurse in Toronto has been collecting the plastic “garbage” that is a daily part of her job. The medicine caps, tube connectors, vial lids and syringe covers which are normally thrown in the trash tell a story to this nurse.

After years of collecting the plastic items, the bags started piling up and still she couldn’t part with the pieces. So, she decided to create art out of it instead of trashing it.

Her large mural is currently hanging in Toronto General Hospital.

Read more about the nurse and her art in this article.
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Archaeology to Museum Curation
The outside of the Los Angeles County Museum of ArtMichelle Rich is a long time archaeologist who has recently curated  an exhibit at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. In this article, she describes her training, past experience and her journey into the world of art.

Though many wouldn’t expect it, Michelle also describes how art is a fundamental part of archaeology. Curating exhibits wasn’t a far cry from what she had been doing for many years in her original field of work.
Read more about Michelle and her experiences in this article

How I Got My Art Job: Archaeologist Michelle Rich on What Brought Her From the Guatemalan Jungle to LACMA


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Pop up bookshop features women authors in London

For International Women’s Day, a pop up bookshop in London will sell books by more than 200 female authors. The shop will “celebrate the persistence of women who’ve fought for change: those who fight, rebel and shout #LikeAWoman”, according to Penguin.

A series of literary events will also be held during the time the shop is open to promote the work of women and the impact their work has on our culture.

Like a Woman Bookshop to Sell Female Authors Only

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Three generations of Inuit artists work with themes of motherhood and the influence of the north on their culture
Inuit art traditionally looks at Artic living, but this family trio incorporates history both good and bad, relationships, and the influence of the south on northern living into their work.

The three generations of artist work independently but have recently had a show together in New York. The themes of motherhood and adversity run through all the works in the show.

Read more about the three women and the history of Inuit art in the contemporary art scene in this article

A Family of Artists Creates a Portrait of Inuk Life Across Three Generations

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Movie and television art created by artists
Now here’s something many of us haven’t stopped to consider. Who creates the art that is shown on television shows and in movies? It may be the art that hangs on an apartment wall, or the work that a character in the show fictionally claims to create. That work must come from somewhere.

This article looks at one such artist who works behind the scene to create the art used on the popular Netflix show Grace and Frankie. In the show, the fictional Frankie is an artist creating works with a quasi-German Expressionist theme. Chicago artist Nancy Rosen is the creator of the work that Frankie shows as her own.

Read more about Rosen’s work and how it feels to have your work claimed by a fictional character yet seen by millions around the world. 

What it’s like to have your art exhibited to millions – on Netflix

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Art supplies without a negative impact on animals
Did you know that a dried extract from bovine gall bladders is widely used in watercolor paints and many canvases are prepared with gelatine? 
For many who are vegetarian, or try to live a life that doesn’t depend on animal products, this sort of information is disturbing. But for artists, there haven’t been a lot of choices available until recently. 
The marketplace has expanded and there are now multiple companies offering animal free, cruelty free products without premium prices. Some companies let their products stand on their own without emphasizing their animal free qualities. Other companies promote their products specifically as vegan friendly. 
Read more about the animal products used in art supplies and the animal free products that are now available in this article
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Diversity entering the sci-fi realm
An artistic view of planetsThe recent trend of female leads in fantasy and science fiction movies is a welcome relief from the white, muscle bound superheroes most of us grew up with. 

When the upcoming Doctor Who movie was previewed with a female in the role of Doctor Who, some people were a little taken aback, but a wild cheer went up among many. 

This Huffington Post article addresses our general need to see ourselves reflected in movies, television shows and books. 

‘Doctor Who’ and the Sheer Power of Women-Led Sci-Fi Franchises
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Mentoring in the art world
In every field, mentorship can play an important role in helping juniors succeed. It can be just as important in the art world as it is in corporate jobs. But many times, the art world is less structured and it can be more difficult for people to find a mentor for quick questions or in-depth help.

This article highlights an online service that helps to connect those able to mentor, with those looking for help, for a fee.

Do you have a mentor or did you earlier in your career? What do you think of paying for a mentor? Hop over to our Facebook group to join the conversation.

A New Way for Artists, Writers, and Creatives to Find Mentors
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Artivism is a term to watch for
A beautiful street scene from Havana, CubaTania Bruguera, a Cuban national, has coined the term ‘artivism’ to describe a brand of performance that blurs the line between activism and art. This is the art that she consistently creates; always making a statement about one of the causes close to her heart and her country.

In this article, the author interviews Tania about her art, her activism, the issue of free speech in Cuba, and the arrests she has endured for her artivism. 

In the Studio: Tania Bruguera
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Inequality in the New York art scene proven in recent study
An interesting study, conducted by students at CUNY’s Guttman College shows that 80% of the artists in New York City’s top galleries are white and 20% of them graduated from Yale. Only 32% of the artists in the same list of galleries are female.

While there are some interesting caveats in the study in how the research was conducted, the numbers show that some serious work needs to be done to increase diversity and equality in the arts.

Read more about the study in this article.

It’s Official, 80% of the Artists in NYC’s Top Galleries Are White

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Failure happens but what we do about it changes everything
Failures happen in every artistic medium, but, as this article points out, they happen regularly for ceramic artists. From the actual clay being too wet or too dry, to the glazing and firing of pieces, there are endless spots during the creation of a piece where things can go wrong. And even if all of these aspects work perfectly, transporting such delicate artwork is a daunting task in and of itself.

A few artists share their mishaps and how they deal with the mistakes and failures of their process in the article. Some of these experiences must have been heartbreaking.

It leads us to wonder what sorts of problems you’ve encountered in your own art? Visit our Facebook group to share your experiences. 
Why Ceramic Artists are so Good at Dealing with Failure
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Artistic Nudity banned from Social Media Networks
Boston’s Museum of Fine Art has been attempting to engage Facebook and Instagram in discussions around their community standards with no success. Images posted by the museum of abstract artwork that featured nude images were taken down by both Facebook and Instagram to the dismay of the museum.

“These images are so subtle and beautiful and so abstract,”said MFA photography curator Karen Haas. “They’re all about shapes—about turning the body into something that’s really confounding and difficult even to read as a body.”
Read more about the situation and the policies currently in place in this article. 

What do you think of the rules laid out by Facebook and Instagram? Do you agree with their standpoint on artistic nudity? Visit our Facebook group to discuss with other artists.

MFA Boston Is the Latest Museum Driven Crazy by Instagram Censorship

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An anti-war activist with a multi-faceted place in the history books
As an artist who lived through most of WWII, dying just days before the end of the war, Kathe Kollwitz was a German anti-war activist and a feminist who went to great lengths to learn her craft. Because of the many varied sides of this artist, there are many views of her work and place in history.

Read more about this artist and her impact on history and current day art in this article

Why Käthe Kollwitz, an Icon of German Modern Art, Is Still So Controversial on Her 150th Anniversary

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A culinary history of well known women in the arts
A womans hands hold a white cup of black coffeeYou've probably heard the expression, "You are what you eat." Might a new biography that focuses on the food habits of six famous women lead you to eat your way to fame and fortune? Maybe not. But at the very least, Laura Shapiro's latest book, What She Ate, will be a delicious peek into the culinary history of the highlighted women, bound to serve up voyeuristic tidbits you can sink your teeth into. The richly researched book featuring poetry muse Dorothy Wordsworth, pioneering restauranteur Rosa Lewis, First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt, consort Eva Braun, novelist Barbara Pam, and Cosmopolitan magazine editor Helen Gurley Brown, will be published on July 25th.

Read more about it in this article.

The Secret (Lunch) Lives of Remarkable Women
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Writer and spy and a life at odds
Aphra Behn was a writer of fiction and a translator of science and French romance. She was also the first English woman to earn a living with her writing, depending on nothing else as a supplement.

But her interesting life also included intrigue. She was a Royalist spy in the Netherlands, and, some say, also in South America.

This article highlights the intrigue and disparities in her life as a writer and as a spy and raises some interesting questions about living such a public yet hidden life. 

The First English Woman to Make a Living as a Writer Was Also a Spy
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Award winning photojournalist paved the way
The cover of Life Magazine features a photo of two Vietnamese men looking backwards over their shoulders. The photo was taken by Catherine Leroy.Catherine Leroy is a name many of us don’t know even though we may recognize some of her iconic photos from the Vietnam War. She was one of only two photojournalists who went to Vietnam to capture the war and she quickly earned a reputation as one of the most daring. 
Her work was published on the cover of Life Magazine among others. She also won Picture of the Year from the George Polk Awards for a photo from Vietnam. Later work from around the world earned her other awards. 
She battled sexism for much ofher career, paving the way for many who now follow the career path. 
In 2015, a documentary was produced about her life and work. More on Catherine Leroy’s life and work can be found in this New York Times article.

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The fight for recognition and a list of books to add to your reading list
The images of 3 women are painted on a brick wall If you’re looking for a book to read that will entertain, inspire, encourage and educate, look no further. This article highlights a multitude of excellent books that look at the lives and history of women artists and their fight for recognition.

Each book listed takes a different path to explore women in the arts, some focussing on specific artists, some on genres or spans of time. There is sure to be something that grabs the attention of anyone looking for a good read. 

Do you have a favorite book that falls in this category? Visit our Facebook group to share your recommendations.

Brushed Off: Women Artists and Their Fight For Recognition

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