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Emily Henry Drawings for Millicent Furniture Taos
Emily Henry Drawings for Millicent Furniture,Taos
Ever wondered how you can meet many of the wonderful women artists creating art all across New Mexico? We did, too. So we created the New Mexico Women in the Arts Artist Registry.

What is it?
  • a portal for showcasing visual, literary, performing, and multi-disciplinary women artists from all across New Mexico.
  • a portfolio site for NM women artists to expand their audience and to promote their work.
  • an avenue for connecting NM women artists with
    • other NM women artists
    • curators, arts venues, entities seeking to commission work, community organizations, and businesses
    • art lovers everywhere.
Who can register?
Our registry is reserved solely for women artists of New Mexico, while we all work toward a world where women are equally represented in
  • museums and galleries, as artists, curators and directors
  • arts schools and universities, as professors as well as students
  • art history, written to accurately reflect the contributions over time of women in the arts
What are the benefits of joining?
You’ll have your personal artist profile page on our website, including your name, your areas of specialty, up to three images of your artwork, your bio and artist’s statement, your contact information and a link to your website. Registered artists will also
  • be featured on a rotating basis in our monthly newsletters.
  • be featured periodically in NM Women in the Arts social media, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn.
  • get priority access to sell their artwork in our online art store (coming later in 2018!), consistent with our store guidelines.
Is there a fee to join the registry?
Yes, there is an annual fee. Once you register, each year thereafter you'll be asked if you want to renew at the then-current fee levels. The fee amount depends on your career level. We use the honor system and let each artist self-identify into the career level category that fits when she registers or renews her registration. 
  • $35  Student is someone attending school
  • $60  Emerging is someone who is out of school and just starting her career, regardless of age
  • $100  Professional is someone who has been working for a while and has sold her work
Ready to join? Get started below.