Keri Ataumbi at her workbench 
Here are a few tools, tips, and resources for artists that we’ve found. Some sites are sponsored by non-profits; others are sponsored by commercial organizations. This list will expand as we identify more resources. And if there’s a particular resource you’d like to know about, please contact us so we can try to track it down!

Artwork Archive
Links to online resources with information and tips from artists and about artists.

Articles for Artists: Resources to Present, Promote, Market Your Art. Site principal, Alan Bamberger, is an art consultant, advisor, and author.

Art Business Info
The Art Business: Information and Resources for Artists. Free tips and how-tos for artists, including Marketing, Copyright for Artists, How to Sell Art, etc.

CERF+ The Artists Safety Net
CERF+ is the leading nonprofit organization that uniquely focuses on safeguarding artists’ livelihoods nationwide. CERF+ is readiness, relief and resilience for studio artists, ensuring that they are as protected as the work they create.

Getting Your S*** Together
Lots of on-line articles on many topics, from how to promote yourself and your art to portfolio advice to financial advice specifically for artists. 

Just Paint
Sponsored by Golden Artist Colors for painters. Lots of posts answering technical questions along with posts by artists and featuring interviews with artists. 

National Association of Independent Artists
“National Association of Independent Artists (NAIA) is a trade organization that serves to enhance the economic well-being of people who exhibit their artwork at quality outdoor and indoor art and/or fine craft shows.”  

New Mexico Arts Commission
The New Mexico Arts Commission website with information relevant to artists across the state, including public arts programs, awards, arts education, and artists resources
New Mexico Women in the Arts YouTube Channel 
Lots of hand-picked videos for artists, by women artists, and about women artists.

Student Art Guide 
The Student Art Guide helps students in a wide range of high school Art qualifications, such as IGCSE, GCSE, A Level, NCEA, AP Studio and IB Art. All resources are free.

The Working Artist 
“The Working Artist is for visual artists who want their work to be seen and sold.” Lots of free blog posts on topics like How to Get Into an Art Gallery, How to Sell Your Art, How To Sell Your Photographs, etc. Workshops and classes – not free.