Why Women's Art?

The camera is an instrument that teaches people
how to see without a camera. 

Dorothea Lange 1934

Women’s art defies categorization. It ranges from sweet to savage, peaceful to explosive, nostalgic to prophetic, revealing to enraging. What’s distinctive about women’s art is the same thing that is distinctive about women artists themselves: their stories, their voices, their perspectives on the world.

The importance of women's art lies in its impetus and its impact. 

The driving force for women to create art is unique to each artist and at the same time universal for women everywhere: experiences of domesticity, striving for personal agency, grappling with society’s expectations and barriers; surviving crushing tragedies and celebrating hard-won triumphs; encounters with discrimination, inequality and the power differential inherent in much of the world we live in; awareness that leads to fighting for change; courage to stay the course. How and what women artists tell us about their lives through their art reflects their unique perspective and speaks to the humanity in each of us.

The impact of women’s art is undeniable, particularly in the art world itself. Every aspect and career option has been opened up to women in the arts – as artists whose work is shown in galleries and hung in museums; as teachers in university art programs; as historians re-writing the art canon; as critics and curators; and as museum directors and administrators. Beyond the art world, women artists and their art are driving social change in many areas – gender, equity, identity, the environment, education, health, social and economic opportunity, to name a few.

We want our work on behalf of New Mexico women artists to help them achieve:
Every girl or woman who wants to be involved in the arts will have the opportunity to do so.
Every woman in the arts will be recognized for her talent, drive, and contribution to the arts and the artistic community.
Art created by women will be valued intrinsically -- for its perspective, its message, and its artistic and cultural contributions -- and extrinsically, in the commercial marketplace.