ABOUT Women to Watch

Elodie Holmes: Glass Detail

Women to Watch is an exhibition program at the National Museum of Women in the Arts in Washington, DC, that features emerging and underrepresented women artists from the locations where NMWA has outreach committees. The program is designed to increase the visibility of, and critical response to, promising women artists who are deserving of national and international attention. It highlights the range and vibrancy of women artists working throughout the country and the world at large and brings them more visibility at the Museum.

Each exhibition focuses on a specific medium and/or theme chosen by the Museum’s curators:

2008: Photographic works
2010: Figure painting
2012: High Fiber, contemporary textile-based works  
2015: Organic Matters      
2018: Heavy Metal

Individual artists cannot apply to be selected for the Museum’s Women to Watch program. Rather, for each exhibition, the New Mexico Women in the Arts works with a museum curator based in New Mexico to identify New Mexico women artists who work in the medium specified for that year’s exhibition. With the curator’s help, our board members compile a list of the top five artists and send that list to the Museum. The Museum then selects from among all artists submitted by state and international committees a group of artists to exhibit at the Museum in Washington DC. 

When one of the artists submitted by the New Mexico Women in the Arts is chosen to exhibit at the Museum, we allocate an amount specified by the Museum to insure and ship her work to the Museum. In addition, we offer a stipend of $1,500 to help defray the costs of her airfare, hotel and meals in Washington. If you would like to support our next New Mexico Woman to Watch, please make a generous donation today.

Meet past Women to Watch winners from New Mexico.